Front Office Sports Rising 25 Class of 2018

The Front Office Sports Rising 25 Award Class of 2018 is made up of incredible professionals from across the country. The people you see in front of you are a special group who have achieved at a very high level early in their career.


Mike Allen

Director of Digital Marketing, Sports 1 Marketing


Linsey Bahl

Marketing Coordinator, FOX Sports San Diego

Katrina Palanca

Katrina Palanca

Manager, Global Marketing Solutions, Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment

Karim Fathi HS

Karim Fathi

Digital Manager, Lagardère Sports

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Joe Sullivan

Account Executive, Ticket Sales, Cleveland Indians

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NA/New York, NY, USA
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Jarrel Harris

Digital Producer, Sports Illustrated

Micale Allen

Player Services Coordinator, NFLPA

Katie Cook

Manager, Community Development & Growth, Whistle Sports

GP Headshot

Grant Paranjape

Director of Esports Business & Team Operations, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Racquel Douglas

Global Sales Coordinator, Legends

David Traunero

David Traunero

Manager, Brands, Wasserman

Courtney Bay

Multimedia Producer, Oklahoma State University Athletics Orange Power Studios

Cole Cook

Associate Manager, Properties, Wasserman

Clark Lammert Headshot

Clark Lammert

Associate Director, Red Raider Club, Texas Tech University

Charles Lerner

Founder, Philanthropic Broker


Tish Carmona

Corporate Communications Manager, Washington Redskins


Ann Drinkard

Digital Media/Communications Assistant, Southeastern Conference

Anderson, Stephen Headshot

Stephen Anderson

Partnership Activation Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings

Alex Perna

Alex Perna

Manager, Toyota Motorsports and Olympic/Paralympics Account, Golin


Justin D’Apolito

Production Assistant, Emerging Media, NBA

Patrick Barkley

Patrick Barkley

Manager, Partner Activation, Los Angeles Lakers

Sarah Robson

Sarah Robson

Manager, Strategy & Operations, SBX Group


Tyler Steinhardt

General Manager, The Lacrosse Network, Whistle Sports

Weigel, Bailey - Headshot

Bailey Weigel

Dean of Students / Marketing Manager, MSBA

Winfield, Sarah

Sarah Winfield

eMarketing Specialist, Fanatics

In its second year, the Front Office Sports Rising 25 Award, presented by INFLCR, received 180 nominations for 140 separate nominees. With so many great candidates, it was hard just to choose 25, but our nine esteemed judges – Jim Cavale, Stephanie Martin, Amie Kiehn, Ryan Mosher, Katrina Younce, Mark Gress Jr., Dan Werly, Stephanie Rudnick, and JP Abercrumbie – were up for the challenge.

The Rising 25 Award grew out of a desire to honor some of the hardest working people in the sports business industry, who oftentimes don’t get the recognition that they deserve. From there, we shaped the award to make sure we were selecting nominees who were making an impact, advancing the industry, and providing tangible results, all while being a first-rate individual.

Choosing 25 was no easy task, but who you see in front of you are the professionals who will shape the industry for years to come.

How they were chosen:

Nominated by their peers, co-workers and family members, the nominees were then given to a panel of nine judges, all of whom have extensive experience working in the sports industry.

Based on what their nomination forms said, the nominees were then given a score by the judges on a scale of 1-10 for the following categories:

  • Current Industry Impact
  • Scope of Current Accomplishments and Responsibilities
  • Industry Influence
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Results Driven
  • Overall Intangibles

The nominees with the top 25 scores are who you see in front of you today as the members of the Rising 25 Class of 2018.

Rising 25 Class of 2018 By The Numbers:

  • 2 are 23 years old, 9 are 24 years old, 14 are 25 years old.
  • 10 are women and 15 are men.
  • All 25 are working professionals.
  • 7 are from an agency setting, 7 work for a team or league, 4 work for a media company, 3 work in college athletics, 1 owns a business, 1 works for a players association, 1 works for an e-commerce company, and 1 works for an educational program.