How the Edmonton Oilers and SQWAD Are Pulling Off Unique In-Game Giveaways

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(*SQWAD is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

Last NHL season, the Edmonton Oilers averaged 18,347 fans per game at Rogers Place. Engaging all of those fans at once in a fun and meaningful way isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. This season, however, they have been able to do so with the help of SQWAD.

Specifically, the Oilers have implemented SQWAD’s Mobile Scratchers activation. Through the team’s mobile app, each fan gets a digital scratch-off ticket that (if they are a winner) will reveal a prize when they swipe with their finger.

For Lindsey Gullett, Oilers event presentation manager, the activation made perfect sense for the organization.

“We got to talking to Nick Lawson in the offseason and saw some of the things they had to offer,” Gullett remembered. “The Mobile Scratchers game was exactly what we wanted. It’s a very inclusive, easy way to give prizes away to our fans. That format is something they’re familiar with from lottery tickets and whatnot. It’s just been a matter of integrating it into our regular game flow. We’ve been able to give away some great prizes thanks to our sponsors.”

Nick Lawson, founder and CEO of SQWAD, has taken notice of how successfully his company’s tech has been implemented by one of Canada’s biggest sports entities.

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“It’s always great to work with a team that is looking to push digital activation into their game day experience,” Lawson remarked. “The Oilers did an amazing job incorporating our Mobile Scratchers activation into their game authentically, while connecting fans to multiple sponsors. Overall, in-arena digital connection is becoming more and more important to brands and fans; Lindsey and the Oilers are on the forefront of adapting with their market.”

Companies that sponsor the Oilers often provide prizes for the giveaways as a way to further connect with the fans in Edmonton. Prizes given away include gift cards, jerseys, autographed memorabilia, and concert tickets for upcoming shows at Rogers Place. Every night provides a new opportunity to build the relationship between sponsors and fans.

Fan response to the game has been very positive, due in large part to the simplicity of the game. The backend of the system is also incredibly simple, which has made the experience even more enjoyable for the Oilers’ marketing team.

“It’s a simple piece of software to use. It’s very user-friendly on the backend,” Gullett remarked. “We can easily change the odds of the game, what kind of information fans need to play… There’s a variety of things we’re able to do that allow us to make sure that we’re finding our winners and that fans are getting their prizes. On top of that, they’re always making improvements to make it even easier for us to tweak things when we need to.”

Because of the Oilers’ ability to integrate sponsors into the games SQWAD has created, the marketing team has also been able to further solidify its own relationships with these companies. Since fans are so attracted to the game, it’s an easy sell for Gullet and company.

“It’s a reliable tool. We’re not having to recreate the wheel when sponsors want to do a giveaway. Our fans are going to it on their own. It’s allowed us to have this system in place that we can just run with, and our fans have responded well to it.”

After signing with SQWAD in September of 2018, the Oilers are enjoying the partnership and the opportunity that SQWAD gives them to engage with fans and sponsors in a whole new way.

“The research says that fans have their cell phone in one hand and a drink or food in the other at events. So how do you take advantage of that? We like to provide some interactive avenues for fans. We liked the scratch-and-win game because it’s unique. SQWAD was not only first to the table with that idea, but they’re executing it well.”

(*SQWAD is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)