Why a Recent Acquisition Will Lead to Changing How Digital Video Is Measured

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In 2014, Nick Cicero founded Delmondo, a company that provides social video analytics for platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter and others. Over the course of the next four years, Cicero and Delmondo provided valuable audience insights to big-name clients like Viacom, FOX Sports, NASCAR and Turner Sports to name just a few.

In November of 2018, Delmondo was acquired by Conviva, a video artificial intelligence platform that measures consumption of premium streaming video.

More than 200 brands like HBO, Hulu, Sky, Sling TV, Turner have been working with Conviva since its inception in 2006. Now that the two companies have joined forces, clients now receive the most comprehensive analytics available for both social video and OTT programming all in one place.

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Given the fact that more and more people are receiving their television programming via the internet, Cicero believes that joining Delmondo’s services with Conviva’s makes quite a bit of sense.

“Measurement is constantly improving and evolving. This is a pretty huge step forward for revolutionizing how we measure video consumption as a whole. Television and the internet are very synonymous these days with more and more people cutting cords. So this is a natural evolution for what the industry is moving towards — not just looking at social video or just at streaming, but looking at the two combined.”

Furthermore, in meeting with Conviva’s senior leadership, Cicero (now Conviva’s VP of strategy) found that the two entities shared a similar vision for revamping the way that digital video is measured.


“The opportunity has really presented itself to build Delmondo inside of Conviva and achieve the vision that we set out to do: connecting your social and digital outlets with the ability to measure them all in one place,” Cicero said. “Now, instead of just looking at social and then tying it into your digital assets, our clients are able to have one unified look at video performance across any place that they distribute video.”

Delmondo’s stable of clients, many of whom were also Conviva clients before the two became one, can only expect the service they were receiving to improve as a result of this acquisition. While the user interface will have a slightly different look to it, applying Conviva’s stable of resources will allow Cicero and team to continue to make their offerings even better.

“Since we’re now part of a larger company, we have a larger account team, and a larger development and engineering team. So, really, our customers are able to get a lot more because we’re able to invest a lot more resources into the product.”

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For Conviva clients themselves, it all starts with producing great content that people want to watch. Beyond that, the next step is knowing exactly who the audience is for this content, which Conviva helps them do with ease.

This helps brands build better content strategies moving forward — and monetize those initiatives in ways that make sense, whether it be through subscriptions or advertisements.

“As sports media companies and teams try to figure out how to generate more digital revenue from their fans, being able to track viewer habits is super important,” Cicero stated. “Conviva has the scale and the technology to do that.”

With this acquisition, digital strategy as a whole took a step forward.

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