Former US Men’s Eagles Captain Blaine Scully Launches “The Captain’s Code” Podcast

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Following his retirement from professional rugby a few weeks ago, former USA Rugby captain Blaine Scully has set his sights on continuing to grow his own knowledge of leadership and teams with the greater goal of sharing that knowledge with others. 

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Scully’s new podcast, The Captain’s Code with Blaine Scully, is a show about high-performance teams and the significant role that leaders play in making these cultures of excellence possible. Scully believes captains accept great responsibility, with expectations from both coaches and teammates alike. Produced by XV Media and BrandForward, The Captain’s Code dives deep into what makes a great captain, and the hard-earned lessons in leadership from those who have held the role.

“This show is built around the idea that we can all improve and make more meaningful contributions to the team, organization and to each other,” Scully told FOS. “It’s been a really fun project. I was pushed by the team at BrandForward to do (a podcast) and get outside my comfort zone.”

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Now, more than ever, it feels this is relevant. From how we communicate and connect to the way we lead our teams, all seems to have changed dramatically overnight. But at the same time, the principles of how we work together remains constant. The day-in and day-out for team performance is constantly being challenged. Leaders adapting and finding solutions to obstacles determines not only the success of our teams and organizations, but our ability to grow our people and our communities. While those with “titles” are ultimately responsible, leadership and being a good teammate, as I learned at Cal, isn’t reserved for those in those positions, but all who are helping those around them be “better and more productive.” With that in mind, excited to share that all the episodes from “The Captain’s Code” Season 1 are officially live and out in the universe. Unbelievable opportunity to speak with and learn from industry leaders who all share lessons derived from their experience in sport. The first season includes a range of amazing folks from coaches and executives in sport to industry CEOs for some incredible conversations. Hope you get as much out of it as I did and would love to hear what you think. Our audio is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Video is airing on PlayersTV, the new athlete-content network on Samsung TV Plus, Channel 1003 (Samsung’s free Smart TV video service). Thanks for listening.

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“I’m still more comfortable answering questions than I am asking them, but in the end, these were all conversations I would have wanted to have anyway. The Captain’s Code is just an extension of that, and having conversation with outstanding people who can provide such unique perspective and insight,” Scully said.

Below are the guests that joined Scully in the show’s first season.

Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers

Casey Schwab, Vice President, NFL Players Association

Ann Kletz, Co-Founder and CEO of Goal Five, and former DI soccer player

Tara Moeller, Past President of Camelbak, former captain and DI rower

Steven Webster, CEO of Asensei, former university karate captain / coach

Coach Jack Clark, Cal Berkeley varsity head coach, one of Cal’s Ten Most Influential Sports Figures of the 20th Century, Former National Team player, GM & Head Coach 

Coach Tom Billups, Cal Berkeley associate head coach, former professional rugby player, National Team captain and Head Coach

Todd Dunivant, GM Sacramento Republic, former MLS standout and US National Team player

“In our first season, I was fortunate enough to speak with leaders across sport and industry – athletes, coaches and business leaders – who all were thoughtful, interesting and inspiring,’ said Scully. “They shared valuable lessons in leadership that I believe anyone can learn from, and will definitely help me personally grow, develop and get better.”

Filmed last year in and around Scully’s Rugby World Cup training schedule, the podcast is launching in unison with the PlayersTV official debut on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free Smart TV video service. Video episodes of The Captain’s Code began airing on PlayersTV starting March 25, which is found on Channel 1003. Viewers can also subscribe to The Captain’s Code on Apple or Spotify.

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