Los Angeles Rams See Benefits in First Season Using 8K Solutions Cameras

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Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

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In the National Football League, teams are always searching for tools that can help take them to the next level. More and more video teams are beginning to utilize 8K Solutions cameras to to get a better picture of how these teams can improve. 

The defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams have worked with 8K Solutions for a number of years. The team purchased a set of five of the Florida-based company’s latest mastRcams in May of this year and began utilizing them for minicamp and OTAs. 

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“I immediately loved them. Very nice with great image quality that we were not getting on our previous cameras,” says Larry Clerico, Rams’ video director. “With our five cameras on the field, that allows us to videotape all of the individual drills going on. It gives some flexibility that maybe the scissor lifts didn’t allow us in previous years covering different areas of the field that we wouldn’t normally. I can definitely see in the future, once we move into a new facility and if we fiber these camera locations, we can bring that footage directly into the server without having to move a cart around. We can ingest it and operate it right out of the video room through Lyvve Coach.”

The mastRcams are also easily transportable from site to site, such as from training to camp to a team’s home facility. In addition to ease of use and great image quality, the mastRcam greatly improves safety for videographers. Instead of having to ascend to dangerous heights in a scissor lift with a handheld camera, videographers can remotely send a camera high in the air on the top of a pole. This eliminates the risk of injury as a result of falling from dangerous heights. 

“Prior to this, we would deploy our camera operator in a scissor lift,” Clerico says. “This is much safer in that we can videotape practice even in poor weather conditions. For example, we get a lot of Santa Ana winds in this area. When those come through, if we were in scissor lifts, we wouldn’t have been able to go to our aerial height safely. So we’re actually able to videotape practice in the wind this way.”

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For these reasons and more, the Rams are among the 26 NFL clubs and 27 NCAA football teams improving their operations through utilizing 8K Solutions’ products.

“8K Solutions are tremendous. Bob White and Dan Aton have been tremendous partners with us,” Clerico states. “They’ve always been supportive. At the drop of a hat if we need something, they’re always there to provide it. Typically we call and ask for something ‘yesterday’. They’ve always been tremendous throughout our years working together even before this purchase.”

For more information on the mastRcam and the 8K Solutions’ family of products, visit 8KSolutions.com.